Virginia Department of Transportation/Maryland State Highway Administration Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services (TAMS)

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge carries the inner and outer loops of the Capital Beltway south of Washington DC and features two 75’ long multiple-span bascule drawbridges, each with six lanes, spanning the Potomac River between Alexandria, VA and Prince George’s County, MD.

Beginning construction in 2000 and taking over nine years to complete at a cost of over $2.5 billion, this project includes portions of I-495 and I-95 and a 12’ wide multi-use trail for pedestrians and bicycles.

DBi Services provides comprehensive management, operations and asset maintenance for this corridor including winter operations. In addition to the main structure spans of the primary bridge and the multi-use trail, this project includes 81 additional structures and portions of I-295 in Maryland. Operation of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge is a primary responsibility which includes the opening of the drawbridges for marine traffic, maintenance testing and marine emergencies. Project scope also includes ensuring security of the structure, drawbridge operation, incident response, emergency management, and traffic control for this vital corridor.

This project is the first Asset Management contract of its kind, encompassing four governmental agencies, including VDOT, MDOT, FHWA and DCDOT. It consists of approximately 11 centerline miles and 134 lane miles. DBi Services has operated and maintained this project since 2010.


The Woodrow Wilson Bridge is the largest bascule span drawbridge in the world. Located on one of the busiest interstate highways on the East Coast (I-495/I-95), the bridge has an AADT count of over 236,000 vehicles.

DBi Services is the first asset management contractor to conduct operations, maintenance and NBIS inspections of this extraordinary landmark in the nation’s capital, including 82 grade separation structures and multiple overhead signs.

Relevant Experience Gained

  • Successful experience in working with multiple agencies with potential conflicting goals as this contract entails two State DOT’s, the District of Columbia and FHWA.
  • Emergency response and incident management in an urban environment with an AADT count of over 236,000.
  • Extensive NBIS bridge inspection and repair work order processing/completion.

Value to Customer

  • Bundled operations and maintenance minimizing the number of contractors and streamlining the oversight needed.

  • Reduced total drawbridge operational time to under 20 minutes since assuming responsibility of drawbridge operations. This is a significant reduction from the previous two hour time frame and results in less interruption to traffic flow on this main interstate arterial route.