Woodrow Wilson Bridge Renewal

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Renewal

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services (TAMS) management team is proud to announce that the current contract with the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Maryland State Highway Administration was recently renewed for the first optional two-year period. DBi Services will continue to provide and maintain the comprehensive asset management and operations services of this project including winter operations through June 14, 2017.

DBi’s responsibilities, including the security of this structure, drawbridge operation, routine and preventive maintenance, incident response and emergency management and traffic control will remain effectively in place for this vital corridor.

The well-qualified project team overseen by Project Manager Milton Thacker has efficiently maintained consistent MRP rating scores well above the 90% requirement for all assets, and no penalties or deductions have been incurred against this project to date.

DBi continues to strive in maintaining the positive relationships we have with the Department and the Administration and look forward to providing continued safety, accountability and overall performance on this project.

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