Over the past 120 years, invasive/noxious species have been spreading at an alarming rate. These drastic changes threaten the survival of many plants, crops and animals as the weeds compete with native plants for space, water, nutrients and sunlight. Our roadways and railways often serve as the corridors that help in the spread of invasive/noxious species.

DBi Services is a global leader in vegetation management solutions and the largest vegetation management contractor in North America. Our vegetation management clients include a diversified customer base such as government agencies, railroads, utilities, retail stores, industrial plants, oil and gas companies and homeowner's associations.

Our modern programs provide season-long control of unwanted weeds, eliminating the need for outdated labor-intensive procedures. Our team of the industry-leading vegetation managers are experts at identifying herbicide resistant species, and will work with you to develop a a customized program to suit your needs.


  • Most experienced and knowledgeable vegetation management team in the world
  • Fully licensed, experienced and highly trained crews
  • Scheduling available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Strong commitment to safety and compliance and quality assurance/quality control
  • One of the largest and most diverse award-winning private fleets in the world
  • "One-stop-shop" offering bundled services
  • Equipped to deal with all types of environmental issues
  • State-of-the-art technologies and "out of the box" approaches
  • Partnerships in place with several universities and industry experts
  • Dedicated to a program of continuous innovation through research and development
  • Industry leading global organization with strong company infrastructure and 35+ years of experience


Roadside Vegetation Management

Railroad Vegetation Management