TTI Tests Instrumented Vehicle from Spain

TTI Tests Instrumented Vehicle from Spain

Paul Carlson, head of TTI’s Traffic Operations and Roadway Safety Division, hosted several visitors from the Center for Automotive Research and Development (CIDAUT) in Valladolid, Spain, and DBi Services in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, in August. The purpose of the visit was for Carlson and his team to test CIDUAT’s product, SIGES, for use in the United States. SIGES is an automated, mobile inspection system inside an instrumented vehicle that is used to measure the visibility and legibility of traffic signs in Europe.

DBi Services has purchased the rights to operate the SIGES vehicle in the U.S. and contracted with TTI to test the van for accuracy in measuring sign visibility in the U.S. The van was shipped to TTI from Spain, and these tests were conducted during the visit.

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