Staunton South Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services (TAMS) renewal

Staunton South Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services (TAMS) renewal

The Staunton South Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services (TAMS) team is proud to announce that the current contract with the Virginia Department of Transportation has been renewed for an additional two year term, extending our initial 5-year contract (set to expire July 31, 2016) until July 31, 2018. DBi Services will continue to provide comprehensive asset management and all routine maintenance within the right-of-way for southern I-81 in Rockbridge and Augusta Counties, and I-64 in Alleghany, Rockbridge and Augusta Counties, which also includes traffic services.

This follows a change order to the original contract in August to include an additional 26.2 centerline miles of I-64 in Augusta County, which was formerly included in another TAMS contract held by another contractor which was not renewed. The project now consists of 147 centerline miles and 560 lane miles and includes 34 interchanges and 133 bridges as well as ramps, drainage, structures and roadside vegetation.

VDOT Staunton District Maintenance Engineer Lindsay Walker noted that the district was very pleased with the effort put forth during the initial term of the contract, and given the fact that, “VDOT has been very pleased with the expertise and work effort produced by the onsite staff, especially in maintaining the cable guardrail systems in place in Alleghany County, we feel that we know what we want to do, and therefore there is no use in delaying our decision.”

The dedicated team of well-experienced employees overseen by Project Manager, Murray “Buddy” Buchanan has currently passed the 2-year mark without an accident, and will strive to maintain this level of safety.

DBi values the positive relationship we have with VDOT and look forward to providing continued safety, accountability and overall performance on this project.

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