Staunton South Interstates 81 And 64- Virginia

Virginia Department of Transportation Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services (TAMS)
DBi Services provides comprehensive asset management and all routine maintenance within the right-of-way to VDOT in the Staunton District for southern Interstate 81 and Interstate 64.
This project consists of the maintenance and management of 121 centerline miles and 502 lane miles for ramps, interchanges, drainage, structures and roadside vegetation.

An additional 26.2 centerline miles of I-64 in August County has been included in this project. The project now consists of 147 centerline miles and 560 lane miles, including 34 interchanges and 133 bridges, as well as ramps, drainage, structures and roadside vegetation.

DBi Services also provides traffic services and emergency/incident response.
Staunton South is a TAMS (Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services) contract, which means VDOT has minimal responsibility and oversight, while DBi Services holds responsibility for overseeing all assets within the project.


The Staunton South project is along a corridor motorists travel to visit several popular destinations, including the Natural Bridge and the George Washington, Jefferson and Monongahela National Forests.

I-81 is one of the top commerce routes in the United States and is a major thoroughfare for tractor-trailers carrying products into and out of the Northeast.

Within 3 days of assuming responsibility of the Staunton South project, DBi Services worked closely with local authorities after a major accident on a bridge involving a tractor-trailer.

Significant repairs were required and accident cleanup involved lane detours and over 6 hours of incident traffic control.
DBi Services project crews also repaired approximately 200’ of cable guardrail damage in less than 4 hours.

Relevant Experience Gained

  • DBi Services received a number of commendations for incident response and detour execution.
  • DBi Services gained significant experience working with numerous stakeholders across the project limits, creating a sense of ownership in the region.

Value to Customer

  • Bundled operations and maintenance minimizing the number of contractors and streamlining the oversight needed.
  • Shift of risk to the O&M contractor for performance measures and incident response.