Skyway Testing: DSMO and USF working together

Skyway Testing: DSMO and USF working together

Steve Womble, CNI, P.E. FDOT District Structures Maintenance Office wrote: A good example of a “win-win” event. USF staff are able to apply theory to a real-life iconic bridge, and FDOT obtains a detailed report on the health of the damper shocks.

This was the testing, of a sampling, of the 30-year old, stay-cable dampers from the Skyway Bridge conducted by the University of South Florida mechanics lab. The testing was conducted to determine if the dampers were still performing, as they should after all this time. So far, the results are good and the intent is to continue testing a different sample (15 dampers) during each inspection cycle.

From Left to Right: Ignacio Recio, DSMO; Rob Little, DBi , Skyway AMC; Jim Jacobson, head of DSMO; Dr. Gray Mullins, USF Prof; Steve Womble, DSMO; Lance Grace, D-7 Maint Engr; Greg Deese. DOT Const Res. Engr

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