Virginia Department of Transportation Rest Area Maintenance and Operations

DBi Services provides comprehensive maintenance and operations for all 43 Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) rest areas statewide. This includes 31 Safety Rest Areas (SRA) and 12 Welcome Centers (WC). We perform a full range of property and facility maintenance, including water and wastewater facility maintenance, operation, and repair services. A vital portion of our contract includes emergency response and ice and snow remediation services.


Beginning in 2011, DBi Services managed seven SRAs and three WCs. Based on the strength of our management record, in 2018 we won a competitive bid which ultimately resulted in our taking over management of all SRAs and WCs statewide.

The SRAs and WCs vary in size and range in daily average visitation levels between 180 and 2,400 with daily peaks as high as 6,300 visitors. These properties contain parking lots and driveways, a variety of building types, restroom facilities, water fountains, picnic areas, vending services, numerous other site amenities, and a variety of tourism/traveler related services.

In addition to janitorial and grounds maintenance staffing and management, an essential component of DBi Services’ contract involves maintenance of these facilities’ independent waterworks, wastewater works, sewage pump stations, and emergency back-up power supply generator systems.

Relevant Experience Gained

  • DBi Services has gained valuable experience in single project operations and management across a large geographic area.

  • Our internal Maintenance Management System GENiSYS has been adapted to include transparent and effective ways of tracking asset maintenance activities, quality, customer service, and contract and timeliness requirements across a variety of assets and services.

Value to Customer

  • Sharing of innovations from our I-75 Ultra Asset Maintenance project in Florida which has a rest area component, allows this project for VDOT to benefit from best practices and lessons learned.

  • We have set up a national buying program with our janitorial supplier. This has allowed DBi Services to reduce costs on consumable products by up to 25%; a savings which is passed along to our clients through more competitive bidding.

  • DBi Services’ GENiSYS is a proven internal MMS which can be tailored and scaled to a wide variety of maintenance and management projects, providing oversight, quality, and activity-certainty with pertinent portions open to customer oversight.