Safety Matters

New Year for Safety
As the New Year approaches, it is a good time to reflect on successes of last year. Did you manage to go the entire year without an accident or injury? Was safety a precondition of work for you? If so, then congratulations! If not, you must make working safely a goal for you this year. The DBi support team want to ensure that all of our employees are around to enjoy the important things in life. Some things we can all do to stay safe in 2018 are:

  1. Seek out and eliminate hazards. One initiative that we all must consider is to turn the spotlight on workplace hazards. Complete the Field Level hazard Assessment (FLHA).
  2. · Take a second look at the layout and condition of work areas and work sites.
    · Examine vehicle, tools and equipment to make sure they are safe for use (and maintain them to make sure they stay that way).
    · Identify potential fire, chemical, electrical, and other hazards throughout your day and take action to eliminate these risks.

  3. Observe the way other people work and fill out a Safety Observation Card (SOC). You might be surprised at how many unsafe behaviors you observe that you did not realize you were doing also. Make sure you help all new employees.
  4. Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (in good condition).
  5. Take advantage of training. Employee training is probably the most important aspect of any successful safety program. When training is provided, make sure you understand it and ask questions if you do not. Actively participate in all training to ensure you get everything out of it.
  6. Make safety your priority every day. Do not take any chances with your safety or the safety of others.
  7. Stay alert and be prepared to react to the unexpected, always face traffic or rail.
  8. Focus on safe driving – Increase your following distance, slow down when the weather is bad, get quality sleep and do not let other drivers stress you. Always wear your seat belt.
  9. Get enough rest to come to work clean and sober; remember it takes one hour for one drink to metabolize in your body.
  10. Speak up when you something wrong! Keeping silent is the same as giving permission to do something wrong or unsafe.
  11. Avoid our most common accident/injury mistakes. We must continue to eliminate common accidents.
  12. · Back injuries – practice safe lifting and material handling techniques, bend with your knees.
    · Rear-end collisions – keep your eyes ahead on the road and give proper following distance.
    · Stay distraction free – a lot of our at-fault vehicle accidents occur due to driver inattention.
    · Backing accidents – avoid backing when possible and do not hesitate to get out and look.

    Take time to appreciate the good things in life. Dwelling on things that are negative will ruin your day and not worth it. Like most things, safety is about attitude and your safety attitude decides how you get through each day.

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