Rest Areas Operations Receive Rave Reviews

Rest Areas Operations receive rave reviews on the I-75 Ultra Asset Maintenance Project

Since 2008, DBi Services has provided comprehensive management, operations and asset maintenance for roadways, structures, rest areas, recreational areas and weigh stations for 254 centerline miles on I-75 in Florida from Broward County to Hillsborough County. Of the many services provided to FDOT under this contract, the ones related to the seven Rest Areas maintained under this contract receive the most attention by travelers. These services include janitorial, landscaping, security, sewer/water systems and other general maintenance. Because of the importance placed on this maintenance by our customers, DBi Services takes special pride in providing a high level of customer service at the Rest Areas, especially our janitorial staff and landscaping team.

On most of our roadway contracts, our staff typically is not recognized for the great service they provide. However, when it comes to Rest Areas, our customers have been noticing the outstanding job they are doing:

Yesterday, I was at an event and met someone from California who had just traveled the length of the state on business. He travels nationally and said the rest areas in Florida were “the cleanest anywhere.” He specifically mentioned the favorable presence of custodial workers and the nighttime security.

– Jeff Caster, Landscape Architect, FDOT

Just a quick note to pass on the positive comments received about State of Florida Rest Areas. Thank you all for everything you do to make this happen.

– Deanna Carroll, Contracts & Agreements Specialist, FDOT

This looks great, nice job to you and your crews!

– Brian Bird, Asset Maintenance Contracts Specialist, FDOT

It is awesome to see one of our Asset Maintenance Contractors step up with truly “above and beyond” customer service. Great job! Kudos to DBi and FDOT Project Manager Brian Bird! Thank you for your efforts on the State of Florida (and beyond) transportation facilities.

– Michael Sprayberry, PE, State Administrator for Maintenance Contracting, FDOT

I just stopped at this rest stop on Sunshine Skyway South Bound. The cleanest stop I’ve ever seen. The young lady that works there was very sweet and kind. Her name is Nicole – great job!

– Text received 7/15/13 from a Satisfied Traveler

Chuck Blough, DBi Services Vice President of Operations, commented: “We are very pleased that our customers are noticing the difference that DBi is making at the rest areas. This reflects well on FDOT, and the DBi Team. Keep up the good work!”

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