DBi Services is widely known as the industry leader in providing vegetation management services to railroads throughout North America, but we also offer a diversified portfolio of infrastructure maintenance services. We have 35+ years of experience working with Class 1, shortline and commuter railroads helping to maintain their infrastructure so that passengers and freight may be moved safety and efficiently throughout North America.

We have vast experience in developing integrated vegetation management programs, and our professional staff will work with you to customize a new program or improve upon a current one.

DBi also provide maintenance services at public road crossings to help open up the line-of-sight for the travelling public, as well as installs and maintains Emergency Notification signs at road crossings that allow the public to report vehicles stuck on the tracks or any other unsafe activities at road crossings.

Utilizing groundbreaking technology, we provide the safest and most effective management and maintenance services in our industry. Some examples include on-track spray mapping and video documentation, utilization of smartphones to document services provided and catalogue photos of the finished product, and large inventory mapping projects where 4-8 attributes/assets are documented and mapped.

Additionally, DBi has developed Performance-Based Maintenance Contract models that have revolutionized the way railroads manage and maintain their infrastructure. These contracts have decreased the overall cost of many maintenance programs while improving the overall condition of the assets.

Our partnerships with many university and industry experts allow us to better identify ways to improve and evolve the services we provide, as we are constantly looking for ways to refine the levels of service we provide while reducing the track-utilization required in order to provide these services.

DBi is committed to providing the safest and most cost-efficient railroad infrastructure management/maintenance services in the world.


  • Most experienced and knowledgeable Railroad industry management team in the world
  • Fully licensed, experienced and highly trained crews
  • Scheduling available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Strong commitment to safety and compliance and quality assurance/quality control
  • One of the largest and most diverse award-winning private fleets in the world
  • "One-stop-shop" offering bundled services
  • Equipped to deal with all types of environmental issues
  • State-of-the-art technologies and "out of the box" approaches
  • Partnerships in place with several universities and industry experts
  • Dedicated to a program of continuous innovation through research and development
  • Industry leading global organization with strong company infrastructure and 35+ years of experience