Keeping Our Employees and Customers Safe

Safety is an important DBi core value, but never more so than now as we navigate this unprecedented time together. As we continue operations, keeping our employees and customers safe amid the COVID-19 outbreak is our top priority. Therefore, we are affirming our commitment to working safely by sharing with you the measures we are taking to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

As you know, information on COVID-19 shifts rapidly, making it extremely important to stay well-informed. To do so, we have developed a cross-functional task force that holds daily conference calls to discuss updates from the CDC and to determine business and communications needs. At the end of each day, the task force submits a briefing to the executive leadership team on any new recommended actions.

We are also doing our part by:
• Connecting directly with the CDC daily for up-to-date information
• Communicating continuously companywide through formal and informal channels, including text messaging
• Educating employees on how to avoid contracting the virus, such as:
o Washing hands with soap and water
o Using hand sanitizer with a base of at least 60% alcohol
o Practicing social distancing
o Avoiding touching their face
o Coughing and/or sneezing into the inner elbow or into a tissue
• Implementing telework for all employees who can work from home
• Developing alternative working plans to further encourage social distancing
• Requiring employees to self-quarantine for 14 days if they or a family member appear symptomatic or if they are returning from areas where COVID-19 concentration is high
• Suspending all air and rail business travel
• Providing employees with access to an abundance of content via two internal sites—the Company intranet and an internal Microsoft Teams site
• Daily tracking and reviewing any report of illness at all of our locations

Additionally, most of our field employees work outside and have minimal contact with others. We also require our employees on the frontlines of customer projects to wear nitrile gloves under their work gloves as an extra precaution.

Finally, when communicating with customers, we are following guidelines for social distancing by avoiding all face-to-face meetings, and employing safer communication practices such as conference calls, Skype, Teams, FaceTime, and other remote options to stay connected.

We are very sensitive to specific customer requests as it relates to their unique contracts and want to thank you for being a DBi customer. Because we value our partnership with you, we are working quickly to create new norms that will help to reduce the spread of the disease while providing you with uninterrupted service. We hope our efforts will ease any concerns you may have about our handling of COVID-19.

We appreciate you as a DBi customer and value our partnership with you!


Michael McRae, CEO