Kentucky Saving Lives with HFST

Kentucky Saving Lives with HFST

In 2009, the state of Kentucky began a 3-year evaluation of high friction surface treatments (HFST) that concludes this summer 2013. Since the evaluation began, there have been 120 HSFT locations installed statewide. Preliminary evaluation shows a 69% reduction in crashes in locations using HFST.

One particular HFST installation reported 55 wet weather and 3 dry weather crashes over a three period prior to the installation of HFST. In the 2 ½ year period after the HFST installation, the same location reported only 5 wet weather and 1 dry weather crashes.

To quote an official from the KYTC, “this one project paid for all the other projects in the state.”

The use of HFST is rapidly increasing across the United States due to its low cost and effectiveness in significantly reducing roadway departure crashes.

Other states using HFST in high accident site-specific locations include California, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

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