Interstate 95 – Georgia

Georgia Department of Transportation Comprehensive Asset Management
DBi Services provides comprehensive asset management and all routine maintenance to GDOT for Interstate 95 in the state of Georgia from the Florida state line in the south to the South Carolina state line in the north.

This project spans seven counties and consists of 113 centerline miles and 674 lane miles which includes all ramps, collector/distributor ramps, frontage roads,129 bridges, eight culverts large enough to be treated similar to a bridge, and all roadway appurtenances.

Project responsibilities include traffic control devices and traffic services, drainage structures, mainline asphalt repair by milling and inlay, roadside vegetation and aesthetics. DBi Services is also accountable for traffic control, design, shop drawings and permitting for this portion of the interstate, along with providing incident response, emergency management and asset damage repair. We also provide spot bridge painting utilizing specialty snooper equipment. With the project area running the entire Georgia coastline, DBi Services staff must also always be ready to respond to hurricanes and tropical storms, as well as rare winter weather events.

DBi Services has maintained the project since 2015.


This is currently one of only two comprehensive maintenance contracts in the state of Georgia. Through DBi Services’ quality maintenance and management efforts, we will demonstrate to GDOT that outsourcing maintenance services is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

DBi Services is responsible for maintaining and repairing 198 linear miles of guardrail in the contract area. This double-sided guardrail is located primarily in the median throughout most of the project and reduces the potential of head-on crossover crashes.

The project also covers all of coastal Georgia; much of which is located in marshland areas with numerous bridge structures crossing over tidal water basins. These are environmentally-sensitive areas to work in due to the vegetation and endangered wildlife species found there, such as manatees and sea turtles.

Relevant Experience Gained

  • The project has an overall Maintenance Condition Assessment (MCA) target of 90. This sets a high benchmark for conformance to standards of maintenance throughout the project area.
  • In addition to restoring drainage to drainage structures through cleaning pipes and culverts, DBi Services crews have also needed to clear beaver dams on this project.
  • Pavement markings including words, symbols, striping, RPMs and hatching are a significant component of this project. DBi Services has installed 94 lane miles of white skip line pavement marking material in the contract area and will be replacing more than 400 lane miles of RPMs along the mainline and 24 interchanges.

Value to Customer

  • Bundled operations and maintenance minimize the number of contractors needed and streamlines oversight by GDOT.
  • Guardrail repairs are completed with in-house crews allowing DBi Services to respond promptly to work needs and allow direct control of costs and quality.
  • Sharing of innovations from projects in other states and Canada allows this project to