Interstate 75 – Florida

Florida Department of Transportation Interstate Ultra Asset Maintenance
DBi Services provides comprehensive management, operations and asset maintenance to FDOT for all roadway, roadside, structures, rest areas, recreational areas and weigh stations on Interstate 75 from mid Broward County to the Hillsborough County line.

This is the largest asset maintenance project of its type in the United States, spanning two FDOT Maintenance Districts and consisting of 236 centerline miles of this limited access facility.

DBi Services is responsible for all incident response, emergency management and traffic control of the entire corridor. This project also includes the maintenance, management and operation of rest areas, weigh stations, water plants, wastewater treatment facilities, toll facilities and roadside recreation areas.

DBi Services has maintained this project since 2008.


DBi Services is responsible for accident and emergency response throughout the project corridor, including the implementation of Emergency Shoulder Use (ESU) Operations for south Florida in the event of a hurricane or other catastrophic event.

Two large portions of the I-75 corridor (Broward and Sarasota Counties) have AADT counts in excess of 100,000.

DBi Services managed and remedied an extensive sinkhole at an I-4 Polk County rest area in 2012. Geotechnical engineering services, excavation, construction, repaving, aesthetics and security were coordinated for this significant event, and DBi Services was recognized for timely action in saving the rest area building from further destruction.

DBi Services is responsible for all coordination of resources working with the FDOT traffic control centers as well as all police agencies and Traffic Incident Management Systems (TIMS).

Relevant Experience Gained

  • I-75 is a major corridor throughout Florida and DBi Services gained extensive experience and built significant relationships with all inter-dependent agencies and first responders for Emergency Response.
  • With the variety of assets on this roadway, the DBi Services team gained experience managing all types of incidents, accidents and emergencies and to be prepared for day-to-day project challenges that arise.

Value to Customer

  • Bundled operations and maintenance minimizing the number of contractors and streamlining the oversight needed.
  • DBi Services deployed significant resources and made great strides in the elimination of Florida invasive species throughout the corridor including Brazilian Pepper and Melaleuca trees.
  • DBi Services had a significant leadership role on the FDOT/FHP Evacuation planning, and we are responsible for significant practical improvements to the plan and its implementation