I-75 Ultra asset maintenance renewal

I-75 Ultra asset maintenance renewal

The I-75 Ultra Asset Maintenance team is proud to announce that the current contract with the Florida Department of Transportation has been renewed for another seven-year term beginning April 1st, 2015 until 2022. DBi Services will continue to provide comprehensive management, operations and asset maintenance of all roadway, roadside, structures (District 4), rest areas, recreational areas and weigh stations for I-75 from Broward County to Hillsborough County.

The I-75 Ultra contract is the largest asset maintenance project of its type in the United States, consisting of 236 centerline miles spanning two FDOT Maintenance Districts and six Counties. Also included in the maintenance limits is a section of I-275, and portions of State Routes 681 and 876. DBi is responsible for all incident response, emergency management and traffic control of the entire corridor. This project also includes the maintenance, management and operation of 11 recreation areas, eight rest areas (two of which are off system on I-4 in Polk County), and two weigh stations for the Division of Motor Carriers. Additionally, DBi is responsible for the operation and maintenance of two water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants in the environmental protected Florida Everglades.

The experienced project team overseen by Project Manager Alex DeMarco has repeatedly extended on several operational efficiencies on this project and will continue their significant efforts in maintaining those efficiencies for the next seven-year term.

DBi strives in maintaining the positive relationship we have with FDOT and look forward to providing continued safety, accountability and overall performance on this project.

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