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Highway Hero Stevie Roby

Highway Hero Stevie Roby

On July 14, 2017 at 8:30 a.m., DBI Richmond South employee Stevie Roby was in a company work truck traveling on Interstate 95 North at mm 48 in the City of Petersburg. Stevie was heading to his work location on Interstate 85 in Dinwiddie County. Stevie was passing the Rives Road on-ramp. A green Ford 4-door passenger vehicle entered onto Interstate 95 from the ramp into the travel lane behind him. Stevie looked into the rear view mirror and noticed an elderly female driver had lost control of her vehicle. She skidded sideways in the right lane before going down the shoulder, off-road, crashing into trees. Stevie immediately switched on emergency lights and pulled his truck onto the shoulder. He approached the crashed vehicle where he found the driver conscious and responsive, stating that she was not injured. Both air bags had deployed and the driver’s door was pinned shut by a tree. Stevie assisted the woman out through the passenger door. She required no medical attention. Revealed by investigation, cause of the crash was due to the driver’s attempt to roll down a window for removal of a flying insect.

DBi employee highway hero Stevie Roby

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