High Friction Surfacing Treatment installed in Mexico

High Friction Surfacing Treatment installed in Mexico

The first of several planned HFST projects was installed on Toll Road Highway 94 between Mexico City and Cuernavaca for Obras Viales y Senalizaciones S.A. DE C.V. The end client is the Caminos y Puentes Federales de Ingresos y Servicios Conexos (CAPUFE), which is in charge of the Ministry of Transportation.

Work was completed March 1 and included 12 curves in 5 sections (over 8km in total) for which 18,200 square meters HFST was applied. Work on this unique project took place on a mountainous pass at an approximate 10,000 – 11,000 foot elevation. The toll road authorities and their consulting engineers are extremely impressed with the HFST system, the DBi automated method of installation, and the environmentally clean polymer binder material applied to the pavement surface to bond the bauxite aggregate. Previous projects were installed manually using hand squeegees and a binder containing a coal tar creosote which is a banned additive in many countries including the US. The Highway Authority is planning more HFST projects in the future.

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