HFST highlighted in State Transportation Innovation Council 2015 fact sheet

HFST highlighted in State Transportation Innovation Council 2015 fact sheet

The State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) has selected HFST as an innovative technique to improve the safety of motorists at high-priority crash locations throughout the state.

HFST is highlighted in the fact sheet released for 2015 by STIC, where crash data was tracked and used to help identify high-priority crash locations where the greatest return on investment can be realized in reducing wet-pavement, curve-related crashes.

Read the full fact sheet here which highlights how HFST works and its benefits, and also includes case studies from 2 of the 42 sites where HFST has been applied in Pennsylvania.

DBi Services has successfully installed the HFST on all 42 of these sites utilizing their innovative fully-automated truck-mounted system. DBi’s mechanical application process is safer, faster, and more cost-effective than any other method, and yields a higher quality product.

The success of the crash reductions at these sites is direct correlation between the quality of the spec and DBi’s determination and ability to meet and exceed that spec in every aspect.

Explained Richard Baker, DBi Services HFST Market Development Manager, “PennDOT has one of the most stringent HFST engineering specifications in the country, with a QA/QC component that is supervised by the state materials lab, coupled with inspectors who regularly verify that the specification is being complied to by installers on projects. This has produced high quality automated applications with long-term durability high friction numbers. The results are self-evident with the reduction of serious off road crashes at locations treated with HFST.”

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