DBi Services Using Liquid Propane to Power Vehicles

DBi Services Using Liquid Propane to Power Vehicles

In a continuing effort to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint, DBi Services has converted its first fleet vehicles to run on clean burning, refined liquid propane.

Liquid propane fuel substantially reduces greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions when compared to diesel or gasoline. Studies have shown that liquid propane, as compared to gasoline, is among the lowest total carbon emission fuels:

  • 40% less nitrogen oxide emissions
  • 20% less carbon monoxide emissions
  • 10% less carbon dioxide emissions

DBi Services has placed special liquid propane conversion kits on ten fleet vehicles in its location in Duval, Florida. The conversion kits allow liquid propane to serve as the primary fuel with gasoline utilized as a backup in the event that a driver cannot reach a liquid propane refueling point.

Because liquid propane has a higher octane rating and burns cleaner than diesel or gasoline, DBi Services’ converted vehicles will experience benefits including less frequent oil changes, increased engine life and less vehicle downtime.

Bruce Donovan, Director of Global Fleet Operations, said, “After an exhaustive review of the many alternative fuels currently available, we made the decision to begin converting the fleet to liquid propane. Liquid propane is plentiful, readily available to our operators, and is 100% American generated. Our company is committed to converting as many of our vehicles as possible over the coming years as part of our corporate sustainability plan.”

DBi Services is a global leader in infrastructure maintenance, operations and management. Founded in 1978, DBi Services has over 1,500 employees with a network of 60 offices in the United States, Canada, England, Italy and the Middle East.

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