DBi Services UK Delineation Framework Inclusion, Ireland

DBi Services UK Delineation Framework Inclusion, Ireland

DBi Services UK announces its successful pre-qualification for inclusion on the National Roads Authority (NRA) Delineation Framework contract.

The NRA is a state body in Ireland, responsible for the national road network. The NRA is in charge of the planning, maintenance and construction of National Primary Routes and National Secondary Routes as well as establishing safety measures. Ireland’s national road network consists of 2,739 km of National Primary Routes and 2,676 km of National Secondary Routes.

DBi Services will serve as the principal contractor and will provide delineation asset surveys, road markings and ancillary works on single, dual carriageway and motorway sections of the national road network, as well as all associated traffic management. The contract commences in July 2014 and runs for a period of three years, with each contract being let individually. DBi Services could install up to 60,000 m2 of road markings and 50,000 road studs.

John LeFante, Managing Director of Operations, Europe commented, “Our successful inclusion on this Framework will increase our global reach and is testament to our previous success in Ireland. The NRA recognizes the value that DBi Services delivers.”

Conor Fitzgerald, Engineering Inspector for the NRA wrote, “Thanks to DBi for sending your reps to the workshop meeting, they were very positive and helpful with their input. The document development process is very interactive, as an industry specific document it is very important that it reflects the concerns and practicalities of the industry.”

DBi Services is a global leader in infrastructure maintenance, operations and management. Founded in 1978, DBi Services has over 1,500 employees with a network of 60 offices in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

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