DBi Services recognized for excellence in Safety, Health and the Environment with AECOM SH&E Challenge Coin Award

DBi team members in Windsor, Ontario receive Challenge Coin Award.

July 29, 2020 Windsor, Ontario – While completing the last borehole of the day, an AECOM team unintentionally struck a service line that was not identified during the utility location process nor outlined on their plans. DBi’s on site Sandwich Street Design/Build team of Jerry Vitale, Dino Casagrande and Ryley Parent, who were present to provide traffic control,immediately responded to the situation by enacting the emergency response protocols pertaining to this incident. Jerry, Dino and Ryley jumped in to assist the AECOM team through the incident so that timely repairs could be made and ensure the safety of all in the immediate area. In great appreciation of their support, AECOM sent a Safety, Health & Environmental (SH&E) Excellence Award and Challenge Coin for each employee—this award represents the highest degree of prestige in the AECOM organization.

AECOM Challenge Coin

Pictured Left to Right: John Wolf – Project Manager Windsor, Dino Casagrande – Technician, Ryley Parent – Patroller, Jerry Vitale – Patroller and Michael Lenahan – Highway Coordinator

“It is with great pleasure that we recognize you for excellence in Safety, Health and the Environment by giving you an SH&E leadership excellence award in the form of an AECOM SH&E challenge coin.

These challenge coins are given sparingly to recognize select employees and partners that excel in their SH&E performance, actions and behaviors. By receiving this recognition, you have shown that you are committed to AECOM’s Safety For Life Program and nine Life Preserving Principles. Specifically, we recognize the excellent work you have performed on the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project.

On behalf of AECOM thank you for the professionalism and dedication you demonstrated throughout this event. Words and actions matter – and you proved it. ”

Congratulations on a job well done Jerry, Dino & Ryley!



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