DBi Services holds open house in conjunction with RIDOT and FHWA

DBi Services holds open house in conjunction with RIDOT and FHWA

DBi Services, in conjunction with RIDOT and FHWA, held a two day open house July 14-15, with over 70 attending from the surrounding New England states. DBi is installing a statewide high friction surfacing treatment (HFST) project utilizing the automated application technology due to the overwhelming interest from state and local highway agencies in the HFST process. This includes the best practices to install the system safely while staying within the parameters of the agencies specification.

Due to site visits to live installations, a carefully planned itinerary for transportation of the attendees and the safety of the traveling public had to be agreed upon well ahead of time. With support from RIDOT and the local and national FHWA engineers, the two day event was declared a tremendous success.
  • Debrief meeting and lunch hosted by DBi to review the entire operation
  • DBi / HFST presentation, QA session for the attendees and sharing of technical data
  • FHWA safety presentation and discussion to highlight the need for automated specifications
  • FHWA launched their HFST safety video and publicly thanked DBi for being their lead industry partner​

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