DBi Services highlighted in Harrisburg news for street sweeping

DBi Services highlighted in Harrisburg news for street sweeping

Despite all of the street sweeping signs throughout the City of Harrisburg, residents sometimes felt like their streets were never really cleaned. Now that Capital Region Water (which manages the city’s stormwater system) has taken over street sweeping duties, they are out to change that with our help.

In May, DBi began a 5-year contract for sweeping services for the City of Harrisburg through CRW. Our regenerative air sweeping technology is PM10 dust certified to meet emissions standards. Being PM10 certified means our equipment is capable of holding particulate matter size less than 10μm, and are certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to meet the high standards established in SCAQMD Rule 1186.

Our sweepers are also GPS-equipped with tablets for drivers to keep track of their routes through an automated system. Residents and the City are already impressed with our real-time mapping website which allows them to see where the trucks have been and watch their progress.

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New Harrisburg street sweepers let you watch progress as they clean

A new contractor means new trucks keeping Harrisburg streets clean.

Capital Region Water took over street sweeping duties in the city this year and contracted with DBI Services to do the actual work. The company on Wednesday showed off one of its trucks that will roam city streets in search of dirt and trash.

CRW said the sweepers will clean more effectively and be more accountable to people in the city.

First off, the trucks are GPS-equipped; a tablet inside the cab outlines in green where the drivers have been. You can click here to see the map and follow the progress yourself.

That system also helps drivers keep track of their routes and know better where they’ve been and where they still need to go.

“The city has a parking schedule for street cleaning and other maintenance,” CRW community outreach manager Andrew Bliss. “Our street sweepers are following this schedule for their street sweeping activities, so it’s the same schedule that’s been on your block, posted on your street as it’s always been.”

So while you’ll be able to see better where the trucks are and where they’re headed, those signs that prevent you from parking on the street won’t be changing.

Bliss said the trucks also clean more effectively. One of them uses what’s called regenerative air sweeping, which utilizes pressurized air instead of a rolling brush underneath the truck to push debris toward the circular curb sweepers and vacuum.

He said that will keep even more dirt and trash out of local waterways.

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