DBi Services begins new I-95 Georgia Project

DBi Services begins new I-95 Georgia Project

DBi Services began its new I-95 Georgia Comprehensive Maintenance Asset Maintenance Project at the stroke of midnight, January 1 2015. DBi provides comprehensive asset management and all routine maintenance to interstate facilities within the existing and future rights-of-way of Interstate 95 in the State of Georgia from the Florida to South Carolina state lines. This is an extremely heavily transited corridor for both commerce and tourists.

This project encompasses the maintenance and management operations of 113-center line miles of interstate highway including all ramps, bridges, traffic control devices, drainage structures, roadside vegetation and aesthetics, traffic services and emergency response.

This project also now recognizes DBi Services as one of only two Comprehensive Maintenance Contract providers in the state of Georgia.

DBi is excited for the opportunity to showcase the benefits that come from the outsourcing of maintenance services, and are confident the model used will be successful for all involved. GDOT remains hopeful to expand the program at some point in the future.

DBi’s new project office is located in Brunswick, GA.

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