DBi Services awarded one of the largest urban “green” bike lanes

DBi Services awarded one of the largest urban “green” bike lanes
Going green has taken on a completely different meaning for the City of Norman, OK. DBi Services completed one of the largest urban “green” bike lanes projects to-date in the US.

DBi installed over 2.5 miles of bike lane consisting of a 100% recycled green pigmented glass aggregate bonded to the concrete pavement with a two-part epoxy resin binder. Work was completed in early October.

As part of a $9.8 million lane widening project, this was the first of many “complete streets” which will allow cyclists, walkers and vehicles to all travel together safely. What are likely the first 5’ wide colorized bike lanes in the state will increase awareness and safety for cyclists.

On any given day throughout the installation, there was an enormous amount of interest by the local news media, the public and other interested parties. Foreman Jim Kirkpatrick and the DBi crew were constantly being filmed, photographed and asked questions. “We are in the spotlight again,” stated Kirkpatrick.

“They are very green,” said Michelle Carr, cyclist and member of Norman’s Bicycle Advisory Board. Until now, Carr had not been riding recently because being on the road made her nervous due to the many incidents this past year, citing that people just don’t pay attention.

DBi Services colorized green bike lane

Each year, Norman cyclists are killed riding roadways throughout Oklahoma. Statewide, about 10 cyclists die annually due to crashes with motor vehicles, according to the Oklahoma Department of Safety.

Federal guidelines dictate road safety measures, including the color of bike lanes. Several years of research by the US Department of Transportation indicates green is the best color for bike lanes. Bicyclists state they feel safer, and motorists say the green pavement increases their awareness to the fact they are sharing the road with bicycles.

“It’s a very specific shade of green that must be used,” City Transportation Engineer Angelo Lombardo said. “We wanted a product that would have longevity. We don’t have the money or the crews to be painting every year. This was the most cost-effective and durable option, and will hopefully become the standard.”

More bike lane projects are on the way as the city progresses through its transportation bond projects which will include six to seven miles of colorized bike lanes in the city when all work is completed.

DBi Services colorized green bike lane

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