DBi Ocala Crew helps with I-75 Tornado Cleanup

DBi Ocala Crew helps with I-75 Tornado Cleanup

Essential workers come in many forms. We’re proud of the quick work our teams do to keep commuters safe during times of adversity and year round.

A violent storm system the morning of Monday, April 20th included a tornado that ripped across Central Florida in part of Marion County. The tornado’s winds lifted a 36-foot building from the trailer hauling it and tossed it over the northbound lanes before it smashed to the ground east of the interstate. The building clipped the back end of a DBi Services pickup truck driven by Thomas Walker. Thankfully, Thomas had no injuries. Additionally, downed trees scattered across the roadway blocked both southbound lanes of Interstate 75.

DBi Ocala crews quickly went to work with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. They arrived on the scene within 15 minutes to clear the roadway of debris. The task at hand was extensive. It took 6 hours to get I-75 southbound clear for traffic.

DBi Ocala crew members include: Jeff Gay, Project Manager. Michael Shearouse, Keith Butler, Paul Bullard, Robert Baker, Jesse Jordan, Wayne Counsel, Phil Whaley, William Vernon, Thomas Walker , Austin Murphy, Mark Ritz and Antonio Heath. We appreciate all you do!

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