DBi installs showcase bus lane in NYC

DBi installs showcase bus lane in NYC
DBi, in conjunction with Cornerstone Materials and Ruby Lake Glass, installed a showcase bus lane on September 27 in New York City. After several previous attempts were made to designate bus lanes in NYC, the City launched a concerted program five years ago to find a product and process and a product that would demark bus lanes.

Several meetings took place with the city’s traffic safety engineers and the location was selected for the showcase installation. Customized terracotta-colored glass was applied on 86th Street and 1st Avenue in Manhattan.

The showcase highlighted the advantages of using recycled color-coated glass aggregate with an automated application for bus lanes. The City provided traffic control with the Department of Traffic and Public Safety onsite for the entire installation. Officials declared the showcase a “red carpet” success.

DBi Services NYC colorized pavement bus lane

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