DBi completes final phase of Placer County HFST project

DBi completes final phase of Placer County HFST project

During the last four years of installing HFST on Caltrans projects throughout California, DBi invited several counties to on-site open houses because they wanted to learn more about the benefits of HFST and how they could apply for HSIP (Highway Safety Improvement Program) grants from the state.

With DBi’s guidance, several counties have applied for and successfully been awarded HSIP grants; the first being Placer County in 2014 for 26 dangerous crash prone curves where off-road skidding incidents were known to occur.

DBi was awarded this work and applied HFST at 26 locations on horizontal curves with a skid-related crash history. The work was completed February 2015.

The grant of $1.6 million was used entirely for this cost-effective installation that has a proven track record with Caltrans and highway agencies nationally at reducing fatalities and serious injuries.

This was the first countywide HFST safety-funded project in California, and its success is the driver for other counties in the state to consider HFST programs of their own.

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