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Charlotte county – florida

Florida Department of Transportation District 1 State Highway Maintenance
DBi Services provides comprehensive management, operations and asset maintenance of all roadway and roadside assets for State roads in Charlotte County within FDOT District 1, including SR-45/US41, SR-31, SR-35/US-17 and SR-776.

This project is comprised of primary roads, with a mix of mostly urban and some rural highways, through the cities of Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte. It consists of 75.3 centerline miles and 302.6 lane miles. Also included in this project are 2805 large and small signs, and nine overhead cantilever signs.

DBi Services is responsible for all incident response, emergency management and traffic control of the entire project area.

This project started in 2014 and will continue for seven years with a seven-year renewal option.


DBi Services was a pioneer as the first Asset Maintenance firm to implement the use of Department of Corrections (DOC) officers and inmates for asset maintenance projects in the State of Florida. On this project, DBi Services manages two crews utilizing two DOC officers and 10 inmates.

Additionally, this project requires a high level of vegetation and aesthetics maintenance due to the prominent cities within the project boundaries.

DBi Services is responsible for 24/7/365 accident and emergency response throughout the project corridor including coordination of resources working with the FDOT traffic control centers, as well as all police agencies and Traffic Incident Management Systems (TIMS).

In addition, due to the direct connection of these roadways to the crucial link of I-75, DBi Services is responsible for ancillary coordination of the implementation of Emergency Shoulder Use (ESU) Operations for south Florida in the event of a hurricane or other catastrophic event.

Relevant Experience Gained

  • District 1 included enhanced Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) plan requirements for this project. These enhanced requirements, now becoming the norm throughout the state, set high standards set for conformance levels on such items as highway lighting, incident response, maintenance of traffic and customer service. There are also enhanced QC inspection requirements to ensure consistent sampling and results across the project.
  • District 1 also included specialized requirements for the vegetation management portion of the program, including an enhanced Exotic Invasive Species Eradication policy.

Value to Customer

  • Bundled operations and maintenance minimizing the number of contractors and oversight needed.
  • A high level of QA/QC experience based on the enhanced requirements for this project.
  • DBi Services is deploying significant resources to make great strides in the elimination of Florida invasive species throughout the corridor, including Cogongrass, Tropical soda apple, Brazilian pepper, Johnsongrass and Melaleuca trees.