Asset Management contracts have groundbreaking night

Asset Management contracts have groundbreaking night

Over the course of a two hour period between 11pm March 31 and 1am EST April 1 2015, DBi Services was at the helm of two openings of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, kicked off the largest asset management project renewal in history, and went live with two new asset management projects.

DBi Services Woodrow Wilson Bridge asset management

Woodrow Wilson Bridge – Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC
In the past, DBi oversaw the opening and closing of the WWB through sub-contractor FDI Services. On March 31 2015 at 11pm and again at 11:45 pm, DBi opened and closed the bridge fully in-house for the first time since the inception of the contract, and did so successfully accomplishing its duties. The WWB leads into our nation’s capital, and is one of the highest security bridges in the country. Carrying over 250,000 vehicles per day, the bridge is one of only a handful of drawbridges in the US Interstate Highway System.

I-75 Renewal – Florida
Florida DOT awarded DBi with the renewal of the I-75 ultra asset maintenance contract for seven years, with the beginning of that 7 years starting at midnight, April 1 2015. This is still the largest contract of its kind in the country and will be maintained by DBi Services for a total of 14 years and have a total value exceeding $200 million dollars.

I95 Fredericksburg/I66 NOVA – Virginia
At midnight last night, April 1 2015, DBi began Turnkey Asset Maintenance Services (TAMS) for the Virginia Department of Transportation on I-95 through Stafford, Spotsylvania and Caroline Counties, and for I-66 NOVA (Northern Virginia) in Prince William, Fairfax and Arlington Counties. Both projects require inspection, management and maintenance of the roadways, structures and facilities. The I-95 project includes approximately 47 centerline miles while the I-66 NOVA includes approximately 43 centerline miles. For both of these contracts, DBi is also responsible for all incident response, emergency management and traffic control of the entire corridor. The contract runs for five years, and also includes maintenance of the Rosslyn Tunnel, which will entail cleaning the tunnel and maintenance of the lighting system.

San Antonio – Bexar County, Texas
At 1am April 1 2015, DBi began operations and maintenance of 158.91 centerline miles of Interstate and State highways in the San Antonio area for the Texas Department of Transportation in Bexar county. This project also includes maintenance of 270.3 miles of frontage roads. DBi staff will perform routine maintenance for the next two years, including sweeping, mowing and litter operations, lighting maintenance and routine structure maintenance and repairs. Prompt incident and emergency response will also be a key focus of this project in this heavy traveled area. An hour into the start of day 2 on this project, DBi received a call around 12:30am on an 18-wheeler rollover. We immediately deployed our Area Manager and traffic control equipment shutting down two major ramps from I35 onto I10, and closing I10 completely for 8 hours. DBi received compliments from law enforcement and TxDOT.

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