DBi Services provides comprehensive transportation infrastructure management, operations and maintenance services to a wide range of clients including concession companies, construction companies, government authorities, railroads, utilities and large industries. With 35+ years of experience in completing large performance-based contracts, we built a reputation of being one of the most efficient service organizations in North America.

DBi strongly believes in the concept of partnering. We expect and maintain frequent and open lines of communication, working together toward our mutual goal of successful, cost-effective outcomes. It is ingrained in all of our staff to be responsive, professional and receptive to input from our partners and the public at all times.

DBi provides a comprehensive suite of transportation infrastructure management and maintenance services to our asset management customers. Our expertise extends to the management and operations of assets and also to the maintenance and reconstruction of assets. Our projects include capital reconstruction, preventive maintenance, routine maintenance and demand maintenance. Our experienced project professionals and management systems ensure we perform the right work at the right time every time to preserve the assets in our care. We tailor our management and maintenance programs torespond to the unique aspects of each project. Generally, project services are provided by our in-house staff with supplemental support brought in as needed. DBi’s years of growth and diversification allow us the luxury of extensive knowledge and direct experience in all aspects of asset management. These services are provided to our partners by a variety of contracting vehicles including comprehensive performance-based contracts. With performance-based contracts, DBi is free to choose the appropriate technique to achieve contract goals and the ideal timing to perform the work.

DBi is fully aware of the challenges our infrastructure faces today in North America; the need for additional capacity, the need to reverse the trend of deferred maintenance, and the need for increased funding. DBi understands that successful P3s are built on delivering service to our customers, the traveling public. We fully understand P3s and are staunch supporters of this process as it expands in North America. Our 35+ years of direct experience in the delivery of transportation facility management makes DBi the optimum choice for these services, as we can fulfill all management and operations requirements, thus eliminating the need for any other service provider. DBi can assist in the P3 process at any point from initial project investigation prior to proposal submission, during negotiations of a P3 project or after award. Our experienced staff has extensive knowledge in all aspects of maintenance and operations management from project inception through operations. We are able to assess the condition of existing infrastructure for the development of a P3 proposal, as well as provide constructibility and maintainability reviews of plans for future infrastructure.


  • Uninterrupted maintenance for the duration of contract period
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Performance requirements set by Public Agency
  • Improved safety for traveling public
  • Shift of risk from the customer to the contractor
  • Increased level of service
  • Improved management of assets
  • Contractor innovation


  • Knowledgeable management team has extensive experience in innovative contracting
  • Fully licensed, experienced and highly trained crews
  • Scheduling available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Strong commitment to safety and compliance and quality assurance/quality control
  • One of the largest and most diverse award-winning private fleets in the world
  • "One-stop-shop" offering bundled services
  • Equipped to deal with all types of environmental issues
  • State-of-the-art technologies and "out of the box" approaches
  • Partnerships in place with several universities and industry experts
  • Dedicated to a program of continuous innovation through research and development
  • Industry leading global organization with strong company infrastructure and 35+ years of experience