ARTBA Honors Outstanding Efforts to Improve Roadway Work Zone Safety

ARTBA Honors Outstanding Efforts to Improve Roadway Work Zone Safety

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s Transportation Development Foundation (ARTBA-TDF) recognized eight public and private sector organizations for their commitment to promoting safety during the association’s 15th annual “Roadway Work Zone Safety Awareness Awards” during its National Convention in Milwaukee, WI.

The competition recognizes outstanding programs, campaigns and technologies aimed at helping reduce roadway work zone accidents, injuries and fatalities. Winners were announced in three categories:

Outreach Campaigns: Recognizes efforts that promote roadway work zone safety through implementation of employee and/or public education campaigns on a national, state or local level.
Training Programs: Honors state and local educational programs that promote worker safety on the job site.
Innovations in Technology: Recognizes the import role that technology plays in improving safety in and around work zones with innovative products and methodologies or innovative applications to existing products and methodologies.

Outreach Campaign/National Level – First Place

DBi Services, LLC: “National Work Zone Safety Week Billboard & High School Outreach Program”

In conjunction with National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, DBi Services sponsored a series of billboard ads and roadway message boards to remind the motoring public of the importance of driving cautiously in work zones. The billboards appeared along stretches of highway in Florida and Virginia that had the potential to reach 180,000 motorists per week. DBi employees also distributed over 5,000 work zone safety “fact sheets” at rest areas near construction sites and in an effort to educate new drivers on the need to drive cautiously, the company sponsored industry expert presentations to high school students about the dangers of driving in work zones.

Training Programs/National Level – First Place

DBi Services, LLC: “Work Zone Safety Training”

Each year, DBi Services demonstrates its commitment to company-wide safety by hosting a two-day, off-site training session that teaches employees safe operations while working in and around moving traffic. The training event provides both classroom style and hands-on tactical training. Project managers and staff for each construction site expand on what is learned, by holding monthly half-day “Toolbox Safety Talks” that focus on job-specific safety issues. Area managers at all project sites also hold weekly safety meetings by based on safety bulletins issued by the corporate safety department regarding timely topics. Daily “tailgate” style meetings are also held by crew foreman prior to the start of each day with a discussion about the risks that may be associated with the jobs being done that day. DBi Services also has an award winning E-learning website where employees can continue their safety training at their own pace.

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