AMAC featured in Highways Magazine

AMAC featured in Highways Magazine for new approach to asset management

Road markings and studs are able to improve visibility for drivers through retroreflectivity. No matter what type of road, these are considered some of the basic and most important road safety devices. Indeed, it is also important that both elements are coordinated; for example, road markings can guarantee a proper performance during dry conditions and road studs can help to maintain a minimum level of visibility during wet and rainy conditions.

The collection of accurate highway asset records and performance results has become a key maintenance challenge for road authorities due to the extensive population of markings and studs on the road network.

This is accomplished nowadays by assuring certain minimum levels of pavement marking retroreflectivity. This is the reason why the ability to survey the performance at road network level using these parameters can not only provide useful information to maintain road safety, but can also optimise the costs of pavement markings and road studs maintenance.

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