Striping and Line Painting


Since 1984, DBi Services has applied millions of feet of line striping and line painting to improve traffic movement and safety. DBi Services is an expert in applying various road markings through machine lining or hand application using thermoplastic, preformed thermoplastic or methyl methacrylate.

Paint Truck (Long Line)

The application of waterborne paint with glass beads is the most commonly used pavement marking in the industry. Glass beads are applied immediately after the paint is sprayed to enhance reflectivity. This is the most economical method of line painting and can be continually applied over existing striping.

Walk-Behind (Short Line)

Because they are easily maneuvered, DBi Services utilizes walk-behind stripers to paint crosswalks, parking lots, stop bars and legends.

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Line Striping    Long Line Striping    Line Striping Close Up

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