Paul D. DeAngelo

Paul D. DeAngelo is the Co-founder and President of DBi Services, headquartered in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. DBi Services was founded in 1978 by Paul and his brother Neal and has since grown over the past 35+ years to an international corporation, which exceeds $200 million in revenue annually. Today, DBi Services and its affiliated companies serve clients across the United States and throughout the world from over 60 locations. DBi Services is primarily involved in all types of transportation infrastructure management, operations and maintenance. As President of DBi Services, Paul is responsible for the success of all infrastructure contracts. In addition, Paul provides guidance to DBi Services staff for the management of key accounts. His vision and leadership sets the direction to identify new business prospects and further possibilities for diversification and expansion of the company. Paul served on the Board of Directors for the National Railroad Contractors Association (NRCA) for 10 years, and is a Chairman and past President, as well as a founding member of the Association for the Management and Operations of Transportation Infrastructure Assets (AMOTIA). He is also an active member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB), the Florida Department of Transportation Liaison Committee and the Washington DC Task Force on transportation asset management.