Rumble Strips

Rumble Strip Types

Rumble strips provide an audible and physical warnings which help reduce crash rates, injuries and fatalities. Rumble strips also:

  • Provide a low-cost safety solution for any roadway
  • Reduce left-of-center/head-on crashes
  • Decrease road departure crash rates
  • Result in fewer distracted/fatigue-related incidents
  • Yield lower maintenance, liability and repair costs
  • Reduce guide rail/guardrail damages
  • Promote long-term road safety

According to the US Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, the main causes of roadway departure crashes are driver drowsiness and inattention, which are both often compounded by excessive speed.

DBi Services provides a variety of road safety features that reduce crash rates and promote safety. Rumble strips are an additional service we offer to further enhance road safety on interstates, highways, urban streets and rural roads.

Rumble strips are a cost-effective countermeasure for preventing roadway departure and left-of-center crashes. The sound and vibration produced by rumble strips alerts drivers when they leave their travel lanes. Rumble strips also alert drivers to the lane limits where conditions such as rain, fog or snow reduce driver visibility.

Centerline Rumble Strips

Centerline rumble strips are primarily used to warn drivers whose vehicles are crossing the centerline.

Shoulder Rumble Strips

Shoulder rumble strips are installed near the outside edge of the travel lane and are used to alert drivers that they are headed off the road.

Rumble Stripes

Rumble stripes is the term used when pavement markings are applied directly on the rumble strip. This process provides enhanced wet night visibility along with vibration and sound to alert drivers of a lane departure.

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