Striping and Line Painting

Roadway Management

DBi Services expertly maintains various roadway assets for owners who are seeking single or multiple-activity service providers. From crack-sealing to line striping, DBi Services performs any and all types of repairs to extend the life of the road surface.

The road repairs completed by our qualified teams are long-lasting and performed quickly, lowering overall maintenance costs, reducing traffic closures and providing a quality traveling surface.

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Deck SealingDBi Services provides bridge deck sealing services using its High Friction Surfacing Treatment (HFST), which is applied by the world’s only automated application truck. A layer of high strength epoxy is spread uniformly over the bridge deck by the application truck. This epoxy seals the surface of the deck and also firmly holds bauxite aggregate that is evenly applied on top of the epoxy.

Drainage Cleaning Vac TruckA roadway is only as healthy as its drainage system, and DBi Services provides a number of critical drainage maintenance services.

Graffiti RemovalDBi Services offers graffiti removal using a number of different methods, as well as protective coating services designed to reduce the cost of future graffiti removal. Removal methods include chemical removal, sandblasting, soda blasting, paint over and protective coatings.

Guardrail InstallationDBi Services maintenance technicians are certified for the inspection and repair of guardrails. Experienced maintenance crews locate guardrail damage and utilize proper warning devices to insure the safety of repair workers and the traveling public until the repair is completed.

High Friction Surfacing Treatment Application TruckDBi Services utilizes an innovative technology to apply skid resistant surfaces to horizontal curves and other high incident roadway segments.

Roadway MarkersIn general, there are two types of markers (reflectors). Both are extremely valuable to delineate travel lanes and to help enhance pavement markings. The removal of existing pavement markings is required for a number of reasons.

Trimble JunoKeyThe DBi Services mobile asset inventory and condition assessment program will expedite field data collection, image capture and data handling. This program is designed for Windows Mobile handheld devices such as Trimble JunoKey.

Pavement PatchingDBi Services provides pavement patching services for both asphalt and concrete surfaces. From a minor pothole repair to replacing an entire section of concrete interstate, DBi Services’ experienced pavement technicians provide expert, long lasting repairs. All pavement repair work is quickly and efficiently completed to minimize traffic delays and disruptions.

Pressure WashingDBi Services offers low, medium, and high pressure washing services, such as sewer drain cleaning, building and structure cleaning, wall surfaces, sidewalks, loading docks and pavement areas cleaning and on site washing of vehicles and equipment.

Bridge Structure Cleaning CraneAdvanced Mobile Asset Collection (AMAC) is an advanced, mobile and highly accurate automated system which measures traffic sign retroreflectivity while creating a comprehensive traffic sign inventory.
Rumble StripsDBi Services installs rumble strips, which increase road safety on interstates, highways, urban streets and rural roads. The sound and vibration produced by rumble strips represents a cost-effective approach to alerting motorists that they have strayed off of the roadway travel lanes.

Snow Removal Plow TrainPrompt and efficient response to winter weather events is vital to ensure the safety of the traveling public. DBi Services has knowledgeable staff with years of experience in designing and implementing successful snow plans for a variety of topographies.

Line StripingSince 1984, DBi Services has applied millions of feet of line striping to improve traffic movement and safety. DBi Services is an expert in applying various road markings through machine lining or hand application using thermoplastic, preformed thermoplastic or methyl methacrylate.

Street SweepingStreet and parking lot sweeping helps to insure proper drainage, and facilitates the inspection and maintenance of roads and parking lots. Sweeping also provides a clean surface for activities such as line striping or crack sealing and aides in maintaining proper roadway traction.

Roadside Vegetation ManagementDBi Services leads the industry in the fight against invasive and noxious weeds. DBi Services delivers the most cost-efficient vegetation management solutions to its customers throughout the world.