Road Studs

Road Studs

Road studs are integral to traffic safety at night. Road studs can be temporary or permanent, but both require high levels of long term retro-reflectivity and excellent adhesion to the road surface.

Permanent Road Studs - DBi Services recommends two types of permanent road studs: snow-ploughable raised and recessed.

Snow-ploughable Raised Road Studs

These road studs have prisms set in metal castings and installed in a cut made by a drop saw using 51 cm radius blades surrounding a number of 46 cm radius blades. The castings are installed using a 2-part epoxy and are designed to protect prisms from vehicular traffic and snowplough damage.

Recessed Reflective Road Studs

These road studs are installed in grooves cut in the road by a specially designed cutting head. The grooves are approximately 1.2 m long for one-way markers and 2.1 m long for two-way markers. The stud is installed with a 2-part epoxy and sits in the low point of the groove approximately 1.6 cm below the road surface.

Temporary Road Studs – These road studs are traditionally used in work zones, spaced from 1.5 m to 24 m apart and installed with a 2-part epoxy or bitumen. When the work zone needs to be altered, the temporary studs are removed with little or no damage to the existing surface.

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Road Studs    Road Studs
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