Road Marking Assessment

Road Marking Assessment

Road marking monitoring methods have historically involved visual inspections and/or the use of hand-held retroreflectometers. Visual inspections provide no quantitative data and will not suffice when approved standards need to be met. Hand-held systems, while accurate, are only suitable for short distances and necessitate lane closures while measurements are being taken.

The DBi Services’ mobile road marking assessment system offers a high-speed service for the survey and evaluation of day and night performance of road markings for compliance with EN1436 and TD26/07. Surveys can be completed in heavy traffic and identify road markings that are noncompliant with specifications.

Up to 300 km of road markings can be tested per day and the results of the survey can be presented in the form of graphs or computer files containing the mean values for contrast and reflectivity over zones of 1 km to 100 km. This information enables easy identification of areas which fall below the minimum requirement enabling targeted rather than full replacement of markings.

In addition to the vehicle mounted system, DBi Services offers hand-held road marking surveys. These surveys also measure day-time luminance and night-time retro-reflectivity and are ideal for the following applications:

  • Surveying short lengths of markings
  • In-depth analysis of specific areas
  • Testing transverse road markings that run perpendicular to traffic flow
  • Surveying areas where traffic management is already in place
  • Testing complex road marking systems/layouts

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Road Marking Assessment    Road Marking Assessment
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