Retroreflectivity Traffic Sign Management

Retroreflectivity / Traffic Sign Management (AMAC)

Advanced Mobile Asset Collection (AMAC) is an advanced, mobile and highly accurate automated system which measures traffic sign and pavement marking retroreflectivity while creating a comprehensive asset inventory and condition assessment.

AMAC was created by DBi/Cidaut Technologies LLC, a partnership between DBi Services and the CIDAUT Foundation, located in Valladolid, Spain.

A team of engineers, physicists, psychologists and statisticians developed the AMAC system, which is comprised of three components: (1) a mobile system for data and image acquisition (2) detection, performance and positioning software and (3) management and analysis software.

Integrating advanced lighting and artificial vision techniques in an instrumented vehicle operating at night at highway speeds, AMAC safely, quickly and cost-effectively assesses the actual performance of traffic signs within the visual range of the human eye. AMAC objectively measures traffic sign retroreflectivity levels, luminance, position, dimensions and color. The collected data is analyzed, geo-positioned and can then be integrated into existing GIS programs or Google Earth.

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