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Stormwater Management

Why restore and maintain stormwater systems?

Non-compliance in an ever-expanding world of stormwater regulations can be very costly. Additionally, a stormwater management system that has lost its structure and integrity can become a source of pollution. It can cause flooding to upstream areas such as parking lots, as well as downstream areas not designed to contain flood water. The accelerated degradation caused by inadequate maintenance shortens the life of the system. Improperly maintained systems can also attract undesirable wildlife and become a dumping ground for trash and debris.

DBi Services provides management of stormwater and wetland systems. DBi Services performs the following services:

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Erosion Control and ReseedingErosion repair is accomplished through the addition of topsoil, the use of geotextile fabrics, the additional of rip-rap materials and gabions as well as other approved methods necessary to repair eroded areas. Seed and fertilizer suitable for the region and season are also integrated into the program.

Filter Bed MaintenanceInspection and replacement of filter medium, such as sand or gravel, in filter beds is carried out to ensure petroleum products, algae and/or silt cannot seep below the filter level.

Fountain and Aeration SystemsImproved aeration in wet ponds through the use of diffusers and fountains is performed to encourage desirable plant species and wildlife, as well as improved aesthetics.

Parking Lot MaintenanceDBi Services offers a wide range of parking lot services such as sweeping, seal coating, crack sealing, line painting, bumper block installation and sign installation.

Stormwater Structure Cleaning and RestorationInspection and restoration is performed on any damaged or blocked drains, culverts, conveyance structures, inflow pipes, flumes, curb inlets, catch basins, outfall structures and trash racks.

Bridge and Roadway SweepingStreet and parking lot sweeping helps to insure proper drainage, and facilitates the inspection and maintenance of roads and parking lots. Sweeping also provides a clean surface for activities such as line striping or crack sealing and aides in maintaining proper roadway traction.

Trash and Debris RemovalInspection for trash and debris, as well as any other items that could impede the proper function of the system is done on the structure and surrounding area, including all drains and inlets.

Bridge Structure Cleaning CraneRemoval of overgrown vegetation is very important. A range of mowing and other mechanical removal equipment is utilized to maintain a desirable vegetation height on banks, ditches and swale bottoms. EPA approved herbicides are also applied to control undesirable and nuisance vegetation.