Railroad Vegetation Management


DBi Services is the industry leader in providing railroads with vegetation management solutions throughout North America. We have over thirty-five years of experience working with Class 1, shortline and commuter railroads developing integrated vegetation management programs. The professional staff of DBi Services will work to develop a new program or improve a current one.

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Railroad Weed SprayingVegetation control in track areas is important in your effort to maintain the entire track structure. DBi Services has a large fleet of hi-rail and off-track trucks strategically located throughout the United States to service all regions.

Brush Control ProgramRailroad brush control programs help benefit your operation by clearing communication and signal lines, maintaining visibility around signs, signals, switches and at crossings, keeping trains and cargo from hitting overhanging or encroaching vegetation, and encouraging more desirable vegetation (low-growing grasses).

Long Term Railroad CrossingThe goal of any effective crossing clearing and maintenance program is to suppress or eliminate the tall-growing vegetation that tends to block the vision of motorists or pedestrians at crossings, while allowing the growth of desirable ground cover (low growing grasses) to prevent erosion and crowd out undesirable tall-growing species.

Mechanical Weed and Brush ProgramsIn some situations, herbicides alone may not be enough to manage your vegetation needs. Mechanical weed and brush clearing is usually the first step in the process if you are reclaiming an area left unmanaged for several years.