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Mobile Asset and Condition Assessment

The DBi Services mobile asset inventory and condition assessment program will expedite field data collection, image capture and data handling. This program is designed for Windows Mobile handheld devices such as Trimble JunoKey.

Spray data and GIS information is sent in real time to an advanced vegetation assessment system created and used exclusively by DBi Services. Simply put, this program is the most technologically advanced vegetation assessment and mapping system in the world.

The mobile asset inventory and condition assessment program accumulates data on vegetation management activities and provides a cumulative activity map by category. The mobile program also maps the key elements needed in effective vegetation control programs such as the primary and secondary species in a weed patch, the patch width and path density. Customized reports and maps can be generated and accessed via a web page.

Features of the mobile asset inventory and condition assessment system are:

  • Collecting GPS location utilizing internal or external GPS receivers.
  • Capturing asset photos using the in-built camera and linked geographically to their associated attributed feature.
  • Using customizable schemes, the interface is highly dynamic and enables the operator to reflect any unexpected conditions observed in the field.
  • Collecting asset information outside of the vehicle.
  • Storing field data locally and is able to synchronize with a central database over wireless network.
  • All data and photos are available immediately after upload through a mapping web page - the interface allows the user to identify the features on a map, click on the selected feature and view the attributes collected in the field along with any images of the feature.

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Trimble JunoKey    Mapping Interface    Interface Map    Interface for Data Collection on a Traffic Sign
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