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We have been notified of some job postings on Craigslist and other websites which falsely imply an affiliation with DBi Services. An example email reply from one of these job postings is available here. Please note that these postings have absolutely no association with DBi Services or Bill Hartman. We consider these job postings to be fraudulent and are actively working with/cooperating with the website and other authorities as necessary to have this fraudulent posting removed and dealt with appropriately.

We respectfully request that you please forward (as an attachment, if possible) any correspondence you may have received from this posting to our attention so that we may use it as part of our investigation.

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Kostic, the Research Manager for DBi Services at (570) 459-1112 ext 6261.

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Administrative Assistant - Katy TX
AMAC Business Manager - Hazleton PA
AMAC Operator/Technician - Hazleton PA
Application Developer - Hazleton PA
Area Manager - Windsor Ontario
Assistant Controller - Hazleton PA
Assistant Project Manager - Hazleton Pennsylvania
Assistant Project Manager - Highway Maintenance - Windsor Ontario
Asst. Project Mgr. - Highway Maintenance - Fort Myers FL
Branch Manager - Oklahoma City OK
CDL & Non-CDL Techs and Foremen - Overland Park KS
CDL & Non-CDL Techs and Foremen - Oklahoma City OK
CDL Drivers - Oklahoma City OK
CDL Drivers - Ball LA
CDL Drivers/Laborers - Oklahoma City Oklahoma
CDL Sweeper Operators - Oklahoma City OK
CDL Sweeper Operators - Suffolk VA
CDL/Dump Truck Operator - Houston TX
CDL/Laborers - Hazleton Pennsylvania
CDL/Non-CDL/Street Sweeper Operators - Hazleton PA
Claims Administrator - Hazleton PA
Crossing Operators - Oklahoma City OK
Crossing Operators - Kansas City MO
Crossing Operators/Spray Techs - Decatur IL
Crossing Operators/Spray Techs - Midwestern States
Driver/Flagger - Hazleton PA
Foreman - Hazleton PA
Foreman - Suffolk VA
Foremen/Laborers/Herbicide Applicators - Hazleton PA
Hi Rail Operator / CDL B - Riverside CA
Hi Rail Operators/CDL A or B - Utah
Hi Rail Operators/CDL A or B - Twin Falls Idaho
Hi Rail Operators/CDL A or B - Portland OR
Hi Rail Operators/CDL A or B - Washington State
Hi Rail Operators/CDL A or B - Hazleton PA
Hi Rail Operators/CDL B - Ohio
Hi Rail Operators/CDL B - West Virginia
Hi Rail Operators/CDL B - Decatur IL
Hi Rail Operators/CDL B - Sacramento CA
Hi Rail Operators/CDL B - Ontario CA
Highway Maintenance Technician - Houston TX
Highway Maintenance Technician - Alexandria Virginia
Highway Maintenance Technician - Windsor Ontario
Laborers - Brockton MA
Laborers - Twin Falls ID
Laborers/CDL - Hendersonville North Carolina
Lead Highway Maintenance Technician - Alexandria Virginia
Lead Highway Maintenance Technician - Houston TX
Lead Maintenance Tech - MOT - Jacksonville FL
Mechanic - Winchester VA
Mechanic - Alexandria VA
Mechanic - Mount Jackson Virginia
Mechanic - Fairfax Virginia
Mechanic - Oklahoma City OK
Mechanic - Sudbury ON
Mechanic - Waco TX
Mechanic - Katy TX
NEW!! CDL Drivers/Laborers - Hazleton Pennsylvania
Office Manager - Windsor Ontario
Part Time Limo Driver - Hazleton PA
Regional Safety Manager - Oklahoma City OK
Road Mechanic with CDL - Hazlrton Pennsylvania
Spray Technician - Brockton MA
Spray Technician - Sacramento CA
Spray Technician - Twin Falls ID
Spray Technician - Ball LA
Spray Technicians - Los Angeles CA
Spray Technicians - Frankfort KY
Spray Technicians - Louisville KY
Supervisor - Pennsylvania
Vegetation Spray Technician - Seattle Washington
Vegetation Spray Technician - Portland OR