DBi Services is at the forefront of technology and has introduced many innovations to the industry. DBi Services works with industry experts and major universities in a variety of fields including transportation, agriculture, chemistry and agronomy.

Advanced Mobile Asset Collection (AMAC) was created by DBi/Cidaut Technologies LLC, a partnership between the United States' DBi Services and Spain's CIDAUT Foundation. AMAC is an advanced, mobile and highly accurate automated system which measures traffic sign retro reflectivity while creating a comprehensive traffic sign inventory...Read More

DBi Services designed the world’s first fully automated application vehicle for high friction surface treatment (HFST). DBi Services’ custom HFST vehicle quickly and uniformly applies high strength epoxy and bauxite aggregate over a road surface to increase its friction. HFST has been recommended by the FHWA as a cost effective safety enhancement that reduces car crashes...Read More

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