High Friction Surfacing Treatment

DBi Services High Friction Surfacing Treatment (HFST) utilizes an innovative technology to apply skid resistant surfaces to roadways, bridge decks and may also be used for lane demarcation. The High Friction Surface Treatment application process features a fully automated, mechanically applied, single truck mounted system - the only one like it in the world!

DBi Services' HFST process is safer, faster, and more cost effective than any other method of High Friction Surface Treatment. The mechanical application of the material yields a higher quality product than competing manual methods. In addition, fewer laborers are exposed to live traffic for shorter time periods and the driving public experiences less traffic lane interruptions.

Some of the customer benefits in using HFST include:
  • Unlike other safety countermeasures HFST works instantly
  • The ROI is the highest for any safety countermeasure
  • Instant reduction of horizontal curve crashes and serious injuries
  • Specified by 24 highway agencies
  • Every Day Counts II FHWA innovative safety program
  • Quick return to traffic, mechanically installed, available throughout North America

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High Friction Surfacing Treatment on Highway    High Friction Surfacing Treatment Application Truck    Deck Sealing Applying Aggregate    Bike Lane Demarcation

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