High Friction Surfacing

High Friction Surfacing

DBi Services has a range of cold and hot applied high friction road surfacing that reduce braking distances and vehicle skids in all weather conditions.

High friction surfacing treatment improves steering response and tyre traction in crucial areas such as sharp curves, steep grades, slip roads and approaches to traffic lights and junctions.

The addition of high friction surfacing also highlights high accident locations, educates road users of impending dangerous intersections and helps improve driver decision making.

DBi Services utilizes advanced polymer technology to tightly bond high friction aggregate to the road surface. Immediately following the application of a consistent film of exothermic epoxy binder, aggregate is spread uniformly over the binder. The process bonds to a variety of substrates including asphalt and concrete pavements, shot-blasted steel and other structurally sound surfaces.

The unique angular geometry of the aggregate provides maximum holding power with the binder and creates a high friction road surface topography. The resulting high friction material is the most skid-resistant road surface available.

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High Friction Surfacing    High Friction Surfacing

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