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GIS / GPS Services

DBi Services' Asset Mapping Inventory and Condition Assessment utilizes Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide solutions for customer needs. In addition to mapping, solutions include condition assessment, evaluation, field inventory and data collection.

DBi Services also provides support for those customers who would like to develop their own in-house GPS or mapping capabilities. DBi Services' software and hardware is custom-designed to meet specific customer requirements.

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DBi Services offers custom design and development for software and hardware for data collection management needs on most operating systems using a range of devices from laptop computers to mobile devices.

Asset Inventory and Condition AssessmentThe DBi Services asset inventory and condition assessment program expedites field data collection and is designed for Windows Mobile handheld devices such as Trimble JunoKey. Features of the asset inventory and condition assessment system include collection of GPS location utilizing internal or external GPS receivers, asset information is collected outside of the vehicle and more.

Automatic Vehicle Location Real TimeDBi Services’ Automatic Vehicle Location system (AVL) utilizes a combination of WAAS-enabled GPS and cell phone technologies to deliver a real-time tracking solution. Along with an accurate position and time, the DBi Services’ system also provides the ability to connect to various external sensors, allowing access to switch states or any other peripherals found inside the vehicle.

Bathymetric SurveyingBathymetry is the measurement of the depths of water bodies from the water surface. Bathymetric surveys can be used determine sediment in lakes or channels, to measure a sediment remediation process or to measure the efficiency of dredging operations.

Laser Rangefinding ToolsUsing Laser Range Finder, DBi Services developed an application for collecting GPS location and other attributes such as height and size of an asset that is hard–to-reach areas in the field due to either its size or other physical barrier.

Mapping ServicesDBi Services can produce geo-spatial and condition mapping for any fixed asset. The information gathered is used to create a finished map ranging from linear to three-dimensional output, thereby enhancing asset management decision making.

Trimble JunoKeyThe DBi Services mobile asset inventory and condition assessment program will expedite field data collection, image capture and data handling. This program is designed for Windows Mobile handheld devices such as Trimble JunoKey.

Bridge Structure Cleaning CraneWhen data collection from large or inaccessible areas is needed, DBi Services provides a cost-effective alternative through the analysis of aerial images, satellite sensor data and video footage.

Arial InventoryDBi Services is provider of many types of satellite imagery including: WorldView2, GeoEye1, QuickBird, IKONOS, IRS, and SPOT.

Bridge Structure Cleaning CraneProfessionally certified GPS and GIS training can be delivered by DBi Services across a variety of hardware and software platforms including ArcGIS®, ArcPAD® and TerraSync®.