DBi Services provides infrastructure maintenance, operations and management solutions in North America, Europe and the Middle East for government agencies, utilities, private industries, railways, retailers and other infrastructure owners.

Our Team

Paul D. DeAngelo
Co-founder / President
Brian Berlanda
Group Vice President
John Lefante
Managing Director of Operations - Europe

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In Europe, DBi Services’ offers:

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Accident ReductionDBi Services' accident reduction systems offer viable, cost saving alternatives to major changes in road layouts while providing measurable safety benefits.

Surface cracks and damaged joints on bridges develop from the constant wear and tear of passing traffic and can turn into dangerous hazards.

DBi Services has a number of bridge repair services, including joint repair, concrete repair, high friction surfacing and crack repair.

DBi Services has expertise in road repairs and maintenance on asphalt and concrete roadways. From crack sealing to infill, DBi Services performs a variety of repair types designed to extend the life of the road surface.

The alternative to block paving. DBi Service's surface treatment provides the same effect as block paving or cobbles quicker, at a lower cost and without the limitations of traditional methods. Imprint is virtually maintenance free and lowers the risk of trips and possible damage claims.

Graffiti RemovalDBi Services offers graffiti removal using a number of different methods, as well as protective coating services designed to reduce the cost of future graffiti removal. Removal methods include chemical removal, sandblasting, soda blasting, paint over and protective coatings.

High Friction SurfacingDBi Services has a range of cold and hot applied high friction road surfacing that reduce braking distances and vehicle skids in all weather conditions.

High friction surfacing treatment improves steering response and tyre traction in crucial areas such as sharp curves, steep grades, slip roads...

Decorative Glass SurfacingDBi Services decorative, low maintenance gravel surface treatments will transform urban environments and rural settings into attractive landscapes.

Traffic Sign ManagementAdvanced Mobile Asset Collection (AMAC) is an advanced, mobile and highly accurate automated system which measures traffic sign retroreflectivity while creating a comprehensive traffic sign inventory.

Road marking monitoring methods have historically involved visual inspections and/or the use of hand-held retroreflectometers. Visual inspections provide no quantitative data and will not suffice when approved standards need to be met.

Road markings are used to provide visual and audible warnings, as well as prohibition and delineation information to the motorist for improved traffic movement and safety. Materials are applied to the surface of the road markings themselves to enhance performance characteristics such as visibility and skid resistance.

Road studs are integral to traffic safety at night. Road studs can be temporary or permanent, but both require high levels of long term retro-reflectivity and excellent adhesion to the road surface.

Roadside Vegetation ManagementDBi Services leads the industry in the fight against invasive and noxious weeds. DBi Services delivers the most cost-efficient vegetation management solutions to its customers throughout the world.

Water Blasting Truck DBi Services uses a 40,000 PSI ultra-high pressure, truck-mounted water system to remove paint lining, curing compound, sealer or tack.